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At BP Home, we believe that each home conveys a story – the care of its past and, to potential buyers, the promise of its future. Our expertise is in telling each home’s unique story in a way that presents a home’s full potential to buyers, and helps sellers command the highest value for their home.

Getting a home ready to market can be a daunting challenge. There are a million things to consider. What to do with the children’s artwork that lines the walls of the study? What about that favorite chair- so bright and new when first purchased, now timeworn, yet all the more comfortable in its place? How to deal with the chipped and somewhat faded paint that conveys a kind of patina- like that of a well loved toy?

At BP Home, we are inspired by the distinctive features of each home and work towards showcasing its full potential. We see the bones of a home and artfully highlight architectural elements. We carefully select furnishings and decor to create spaces that are inviting, refined, uncluttered and meticulously-accented. We convey care and attention to detail in every home, telling both our story and the story of the home.